Steven K.

As Interviewed by Ethan K., March 27, 2018
"And also, to apply the scholarship, I also needed to be able to pass certain English exams..."
Steven K.

Introductory Profile: About Steven K.

Steven K., my father, is a married man living in Austin with his two kids. He works as a hardware engineer at NXP Semiconductors in Austin. Steven was born in Hong Kong and eventually moved to the United States in 1992. Steven K. is tall with black hair and oval classes. He likes to talk and laugh a lot. Being as fearless and competitive as he is, heís not afraid to speak out and play a role. He is someone I really look up to.

During the interview we discussed Stevenís life and his journey from Taiwan to America. The interview uncovered a lot of information I had not previously known. The overall mood was very calm, like a normal conversation we would have as a family. I think that itís always good to know about the past.