Raymond Perez

As interviewed by William Yang, March 8, 2018
"Back then, when my mom went to the United States for work, I didn't really have an easy way to communicate with her, so we wouldnít hear from each other for months."
Raymond Perez

Introductory Profile: About Raymond Perez

I interviewed Raymond Perez, my dadís friend from work, about his childhood experience in the Philippines in 1977. Raymond came to the United States when he was around 15 years-old. During this time, the standard of living in the Philippines was much lower than the US standard of living. He didnít think much of it in the Philippines, but it became obvious that he was poor once he moved to the United States.

Raymondís father was an engineer, and his mother was a nurse. His mom worked in America, trying to get herself and her family a green card. Because Raymondís mother was gone for so long, Raymond didnít get to talk to her often.

Raymond was born around the time when the Philippines was recovering from the effects of the Korean war. The Philippines sent over 7,000 troops to the UN command. This raised taxes, and the people became more poor because of the raised taxes. At the end of the war, the Philippines was in debt, so they raised taxes even higher.