Valerie Huerta

As Interviewed by Ava De Leon, March 18, 2018
"Yeah it might be easier for guys, but if a female can do it and show them that 'Hey we are just as strong as you and we can do the same things that you do.' Then it is even better."
Valerie Huerta

Introductory Profile: About Valerie Huerta

I interviewed Valerie Huerta, my cousin, who is a female police officer that has been working towards being in law enforcement for a few years of her life. She started in the explorerís program in high school and stayed in the program for five years, before finally becoming a police officer in December 2017. She was one of only two females who graduated from her class of twenty-nine officers. Determination, hard work and courage has brought Valerie to her goal.

During my interview with her, I was able to understand the positive and negative experiences that she faced and how she overcame them. Valerie and I discussed the impact her new career has made on her life. While she still has a long road ahead of her in the profession of a cop, she has proven to herself and those around her that being a girl does not make a difference when it comes to achieving difficult work. Her story was inspiring and nothing short of amazing.