Dr. Juan Guerrero

As Interviewed by Gabriel L., March 8, 2018
"We need try to help. We might only be able to help a few people but a few people is better than helping no one."
Dr. Juan Guerrero

Introductory Profile: About Dr. Guerrero

The interview took place at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic North Austin in the Pediatric section in Dr. Juan Guerrero’s office. I already knew him as my doctor and he is usually serious in demeanor but still friendly. He was like this that day as well. Dr. Guerrero was born in Texas but his parents are of Mexican heritage, so he speaks Spanish. He came to Austin in 1984 to attend the University of Texas. He is currently a pediatrician at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic. During the interview he gave very detailed, in-depth information about providing healthcare to the poor.

Though the interview was relatively short, Dr. Guerrero went very deep into stories and gave surprising, interesting, and emotional accounts about his work with those who cannot afford healthcare. He explained everything from his work here in Austin at a medical clinic that serves low-income patients to serving patients in Nicaragua and in Kenya.

It were these such stories that proved in this interview how a large portion of the world’s population have no access to “basic” healthcare and supplies that we all have. The ones in this world that do have these things should do as much as they can to help those who do not. Helping the less fortunate is a way that we can all prevent such issues in the future.