Ajay Ramji

As interviewed by Manu Singhal, March 15, 2018
"I knocked at our neighbors and I was like ‘ I don't know how to use the fire extinguisher, can you help?’ And then she was like ’ I don't know either!’"
Ajay Ramji

Introductory Profile: About Ajay Ramji

My interviewee, Ajay Ramji, is a tall, male Indian with black hair. He has dark skin and dark eyes. He is around the age of 30, and in this interview, he talks about how hard it is to learn a new culture being an immigrant from Indian. He also talks how uninformed society is on basic safety protocols.

His story takes place in Boston in an apartment complex not explicitly stated. Some background info. His wife was outside shopping. He was cooking some dish not explicitly stated either, but it required oil to be cooked.

In my interviewee’s story, he almost set fire to his apartment. Some key details in his story that help prove my points are that his neighbors didn't know how to use a fire extinguisher and Ajay, my interviewee, didn’t know where one was until a neighbor told him. Fortunately, there was a handyman outside his apartment working who saw this and called 911, the fire didn't spread, and, ultimately, no one was hurt, making this story a lighter take on difficulties of moving to a new country.