Isabelle Z. and Caitlin L.

As Interviewed by Skyler J., February 18, 2018
"I think that itís weird to feel lucky that you have accepting parents -- that should be kind of a given."
Isabelle Z. and Caitlin L.

Introductory Profile: About Isabelle Z. and Caitlin L.

I interviewed Isabella Z. and Caitlin L., my neighbors on Sunday afternoon at my house. Isa and Caitlin were happy to do the interview, thanking me for thinking of them. After they met my extremely hyper dog, we sat down and they began to tell me about their relationship and childhoods.

Both Isa and Caitlin have lived in Austin their whole lives, Isa going to Kealing then LASA, and Caitlin going to Lamar then McCallum, meeting through friends. They told me that since Austin is so accepting, they have never experienced much discrimination or being targeted. Not only was Austin accepting to them, so were their parents, understanding them and helping them through their childhood identifying as gay.

Isa and Caitlin were married legally in 2017 in West Texas with their close family and friends by their side, and have had no legal problems since.