Susan Woldt

As interviewed by William Wheeler, March 18, 2018
"They would promote the men to managerial positions and not the women -- and so men moved into management a lot faster than women and made more money and had more authority."
Susan Woldt

Introductory Profile: About Susan Woldt

My interviewee is Susan Woldt. She is my maternal grandma, and I have known her my whole life. She is a registered nurse and graduated with honors from the University of Texas with a degree in Nursing. Throughout her life she has lived in many interesting places such as England, Japan, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington D.C. and Texas. She currently lives in Austin.

During the interview, she talked about the fact that in her workplace she saw that many men were being promoted faster than women were, simply because they were men. She didn’t go to any women’s rights marches, but had some really good points. She also talked about how women have/had fewer “female professions” that were socially acceptable and how far women’s rights have come as a whole.