Erin Argue

As Interviewed by Elise Ponder, March 18, 2018
"I think that everyone deserves a fighting chance in life. And sometimes people arenít always equipped with the resources necessary on their own, and Iíve always wanted to help make sure that I can help the people who donít always have the means to help themselves."
Erin Argue

Introductory Profile: About Erin Argue

I interviewed Erin Argue for my Firsthand History Project. Erin is my mother's co-worker. I first met her when she came over to my house for dinner a few months ago. She went to Michigan State University and has two degrees, one in Environmental Geosciences and the other in Psychology. She is currently the YES Mentor Program Coordinator at Partnerships for Children, and they are 501(c)3 nonprofit that works with youth in the care of Child Protective Services (kids in the foster care system, basically).

She is very sweet and loves working with children in the foster care system. Erin talks relatively quickly but has a lot of good things to say and good stories to tell. In the interview, we talked about foster care kids and her experience with foster care ďkiddosĒ as she says. She talks about one or two of the teenagers she works with and gives a good description of different situations kids have been in. She also talks about how the community could help and support these kids.