Steven Johnson

As Interviewed by Landon C., March 17, 2018
"I remember one time we were eating at a restaurant and we were eating, having a good time, and then the waitress brought us our check, and then she just stood there."
Steven Johnson

Introductory Profile: About Steven Johnson

I interviewed my neighbor, Steven Johnson, about racial inequality in the world today. He grew up in Santa Monica, California, and moved to Texas in 2017. He is a little over six feet tall and is African-American. I also found out during the interview that he has Mexican heritage. He is kind and enjoys helping other people.

The topics we covered were racial inequality and how he felt about racial inequality in the world today. We also discussed how he felt the color of your skin affects how you are treated. The interview went well though was in a grim tone based on the topics we covered. The concluding remark he told me was one final story. The story was about how one time he was at a restaurant and the waitress waited at his table after delivering the check to make sure they could pay for the food and wouldn't run off.