Susan Hays

As Interviewed by Zachary W., March 19, 2018
"Thatís what this country is all about -- everyone gets to do what they wanna do with their lives, and itís not my place to judge them, and itís not the government's place to tell her how to live her life, so long as sheís not hurting anybody else."
Susan Hays

Introductory Profile: About Susan Hays

Susan Hays used to work with my father in a law firm, so that is how I was able to find and contact her. Susan is about five and a half feet tall with bushy black hair. She loves to talk enjoys posting pictures on social media. She helped start Janeís Due Process, a website for lawyers to help pregnant teens get abortions in the State of Texas.

We covered multiple topics in the interview, but the main topics we covered were how she helps teens get abortions, how she helps refugees in court, and other cases she was involved in. The interview ended up at about an hour. I spent a good long time looking for the story I have now. The air of the interview was pretty light, except for the cases where teens were raped, or their parents wouldnít let them get abortions.