Jane Sylvia Clarke

As Interviewed by Sean Clarke, March 13, 2018
"When they would come in, Id ask a lady, 'Could you tell me your job?' And she said engineering, and, well, it kinda shocked me, because, in my days, none of the women were engineers."
Jane Sylvia Clarke

Introductory Profile: About Jane S. Clarke

Jane S. Clarke is my grandmother on my father's side. She was born in Maryland in the late 1920s. She grew up with fewer rights as a woman and worked as a nurse. She still lives in Maryland but is retired from her nursing job.

She has curly brown hair, glasses, and brown eyes. She is very nice and was eager to be interviewed.

In the interview, we discuss the rights of women and other events in her time. We talk about the Great Depression, World War II, and how she was affected by these, as well as how she saw the rights of women in her time and how they progressed over time.

The interview was very relaxed since we knew each other well and it was an informal setting. The interview itself was moderately positive overall. Since she wanted to be a nurse, she didn't really notice too much of a problem.

I am very satisfied with the resulting interview. She got right into the stories and facts at the beginning and gave me loads of information I could use in the podcast.

However, since her voice was coming through the phone, and my cell phone was recording that, so the audio quality isn't favorable, but there was no way around that since we live so far apart from each other.