Karen Prairie

Addy Prairie, March 17, 2018
"I believe, that people are naturally good, and that these kids are good, and that if they could just be pulled into something else, then they wouldn’t fall into gang life."
Karen Prairie

Introductory Profile: About Karen Prairie

Karen Prairie currently lives in Austin. She previously lived in Los Angeles, California, and worked for the energy company Unocal which had a refinery outside of the city line. Part of her job was to reach out to the surrounding community, where many of the workers lived, and help them with their gang problem.

She worked with a police officer to talk with some of the gang members in the community, and met many people who she became friends with. Additionally, she helped with many projects to give kids in the gang-ridden neighborhoods a better education, and also give them many activities to attempt to guide their future away from gangs.