Margaret Del Prado

As interviewed by Isa Lippman, March 25, 2018
"There was always a lot of prejudice in our small town. They didn't think you were ever good enough, mija."
Margaret Del Prado

Introductory Profile: About Margaret Del Prado

Mary Margaret Del Prado is my grandmother on my mother’s side, currently living in San Antonio. She is of rich Mexican and Latina origin, with a long background of growing up during the Civil Rights Movement. As a young mom, ending her education at grade 7 with just a General Education Diploma, the hardships and beliefs were stronger. As of now, she resides in the same house my mother grew up in, with her husband Joe Del Prado, where Spanish is mostly spoken and the news is always on.

The topics we covered were about the Civil Rights Movement and what it was like watching her family be in the middle of the whites and blacks. We talked about who she hung out with, how she dealt with hearing news about Martin Luther King Jr., and who she specifically looked up to at the time for Mexicans. In the interview, the feeling was very welcoming, with her calling me “mija” or my daughter, multiple times. With the welcoming feeling, it was quite hard to get her to open up. I had to complete two interviews in order to go back and grab some more of her feelings from the experience.