William V Bridgeman

As Interviewed by William Bridgeman, April 12, 2018
"Take Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was the one that ordered the invasion of Europe..."
William V Bridgeman

Introductory Profile: About William V. Bridgeman

William V. Bridgeman Jr. is my Grandpa. He is eighty-eight years old and lives peacefully in Houston with his wife, “Cookie.” William grew up in Massachusetts and lived there until the mid 1980s. He was in school from elementary school until graduation day in high school. Also, he loves to tell jokes and is kind to everyone.

I interviewed William Bridgeman about World War II. He discussed information like how the news changed during World War II, and what the news was about. He also talked about multiple war heroes and what they did. Another situation discussed during the interview was his personal life and a little bit about the Nazi Party. When the time for the interview came, William was still in his usual joking mood when the interview started, but he was serious during the interview and shared good information.