Daly Enstrom

As Interviewed by Calder Randolph, March 16, 2018
"There were just dead people all around us on the sidewalks, and when we got to the wharf, we got onto that ferry and then there was a huge explosion, huge explosion, because they were bombarding Danzig,"
Daly Enstrom

Introductory Profile: About Daly Enstrom

I interviewed my grandmother, Daly Enstrom, who is 81 and lives in Princeton, New Jersey. She is a nice, caring person. In this podcast, she describes her struggles with a childhood filled with conflict and war. I interviewed her over spring break in her living room in big, cushy chairs by a fire. Sometimes in the interview, she was sorrowful about everything that she lost and what she had gone through.

Daly had to fight to stay alive while in the middle of conflict in Europe. She was born in a small town in Lithuania where her parents had a farm. When she was 3, she had to leave Lithuania and go to Poland. In Poland, Daly’s younger sister died, and she had to escape American bombardment. She managed to escape on a ferry to West Germany were she found her father who had been missing for a long time. Her family came to the U.S when she was 13 to find opportunity.