Adam Levitt

As Interviewed by Aaryan Sharma, March 11, 2017
"He had a goat: a sacrificial goat."
Adam Levitt

Introductory Profile: About Adam Levitt

Adam Levitt is my next-door neighbor and my little sister’s best friend’s dad. I met my interviewee two years ago when my family bought this house. He was born in Minnesota, and he is 42 years old. He is a bright person who looks very young. He is around 6 feet tall with a strong muscular structure.

The main topics and points that were covered were what he learned in the Army, which is communications and services, via a minivan that had a satellite connector and a telephone system. He learned how to operate many devices. Also, we covered some regrets he had in the army, and the “ups and downs” of his experience.

The overall tone and feeling of the interview was a little awkward at first, and then got much better and comfortable as it progressed. The interview got very interesting towards the end for me, and I think Adam enjoyed it too.