Felice House

As Interviewed by Wiley Younger, March 15, 2018
"I've always been interested in creating images of women as I see them, in contrast to how they are portrayed in advertising; sort of consumable, overly sexualized images of women."
Felice House

Introductory Profile: About Felice House

My stepmother, Felice House grew up on the East Coast, in New Hampshire. She attended high school in Canada, and went to College in Toronto for art. She is an amazing painter who was taught by many other amazing painters, including her mother. She currently teaches painting and drawing classes at Texas A&M. She has been working there for six years.

Felice is very nice. She has medium length black hair, and brown eyes. In our interview, we talked about an art show Felice did, called ReWestern. In the show she took extremely popular western movies and replaced the male lead roles with women.This show addressed women’s rights in society and culture. Felice and I talked about how she got the ideas to make this show, where it went, and how people reacted to it. I think ReWestern is a very important idea portrayed very well by beautiful painting.