Maciej Stoszko

As Interviewed by Milosh S., March 15, 2018
"Many times I was wondering what it would be if I stayed in Poland, but you know I could always go back. And I could just pack my bag and decide, hey this American adventure is not for me, I don't care much for it and I could just go back."
Maciej Stoszko

Introductory Profile: About Maciej G. Stoszko

I have recently interviewed my father, Maciej Stoszko, about his early life dealing with communism and when he had first arrived in America. Overall he had some good stories to tell, but I feel that he has some more that he is not willing to share.

I interviewed my father in our living room. It was a good interview, but it had to be repeated several times due to silly mistakes or my brother who would just barge in yelling his head off. I was excited to do the interview as it would help me see my dad in a new way. Learning about his past is an interesting topic to me, and I hope to learn more about it as I become older.

Some important parts of the interview was when we talked about where he got his food. A lot of stores had empty shelves so either he would have to buy it directly from the farmer or there was the more expensive black market. Also talking about communist propaganda was important too. When he was growing up, propaganda would be all over.

Lastly, I was surprised that he told me about his early life living in a communist country. Apparently, when he was younger, he had to attend all these communist meetings and rallies, and act like a cheerleader. Many times he would find himself listening to all this information on made-up successes of the Communist party. Most people knew they were fake but didnít say anything about it.