Sanaa Dalu

As Interviewed By Sami Dalu, March 5, 2018
"I accepted the challenge, to leave the place where all my family is, to go far away to get an education. It was about 4 hours flying on an airplane. I felt so empty and I was crying."
Sanaa Dalu

Introductory Profile: About Sanaa Dalu

I interviewed my own mom, Sanaa Dalu. Born on July 3rd, 1974 in Lucca, Italy. Dalu went to medical school under a prestigious scholarship to Ukraine (then the USSR), then moved to the United States and had children. Dalu has a very strong and dominant presence in any room. She is a powerful woman, who does not let anyone stand in her way. Even as an immigrant from another country, Dalu has no shortage of confidence.

Some of the topics covered during the interview were struggles as an immigrant were: “Societal Norms” of both cultures and Immigration. Dalu had some very passionate opinions on these things, which were interesting to hear coming from another perspective.

The overall feel and tone of the interview was fairly casual. We did it in our own living room, it was hastily organized. I asked her some personal questions, and she did get very emotional at some points, which help me delve deeper into her personality and experiences.

Dalu was eager to share her experiences with me. She comes across as a very strong woman. The sacrifices that she made to start a family in the US surprised me. My respect for her as a person has increased as a result of my interview.