Cherrie Hovis

As Interviewed by Julian Clubb, March 22, 2011
"I went to a segregated school when I was younger, we didn’t have any blacks in the town."
Cherrie Hovis

Introductory Profile: About Cherrie Hovis

My interviewee’s name is Cherrie Hovis. In the interview she talked about racial injustice she experienced in her life, mainly towards African-Americans. One thing that really stood out in the interview was when she talked about a time when she and some friends were eating at a dinner, and an African-American family walked in. The owner told them that they had to leave because of their skin color, and she and her friends were very shocked.

Cherrie Hovis is 61 years old, with grey hair and glasses. She was born in 1949, in Michigan. She then moved to Arkansas, and she currently lives in Austin, Texas. She said that she likes to say she was, “Born in Michigan, raised in Arkansas, and lives in Texas.” Growing up in Arkansas, she experienced a lot of racial stereotyping and prejudice. Being born in 1949 also contributes to this.

The mood in my interview was very calm. I was also very interested in what she had to say, and tried to get every little bit that I could from the interview. At one time in the interview she gave examples of specific words that were used to discriminate against people, and I could tell she was very uncomfortable using these words.

In my opinion, the interview went very well, and I got some quality information out of it. It was fun conducting the interview, and I was a little surprised at how much interesting information she was able to bring.