Eric Copt

As Interviewed by Wilson Nasi, March 16, 2018
"And, even on the submarine I was on, we had African Americans...we had Spanish people, we had people from the Philippines, we had all sorts of folks..."
Eric Copt

Introductory Profile: About Eric Copt

Eric Louis Copt is a 74 year old man who was born, raised, and lived in Kansas. He eventually moved to Georgetown, Texas. I know him because he is my grandfather, and a very good person. He fought in the Korean war, and was in the United States Navy. He was aboard a submarine, and came back right around the peak of the civil rights movementís intensity. He also used to work in a coal mine.

He is very politically informed. He enjoys having deep conversations with anyone about interesting topics. He loves to spend quality time with his friends and family. Eric loves cars and has a great knowledge of them. He also has a great knowledge of blues, gospel, and country music. He loves to cook, and is very good at it too. He can make a killer steak, or a nice beef stew. He loves to be physically active as well. He is a golfer, walker, and enjoys biking occasionally.

I chose to interview him because he was alive during the civil rights movement, and he remembers information from the time. He also had information about the racism in the military, and experiences with the civil rights movement. He released lots of good information, about African American friends, leaders, and people. My interview with him was sturdy, informative, and casual. He was very relaxed in the interview, and did very well.