Bonnie Durkee

As Interviewed by Kristin S, March 15, 2018
"We are all part of the Island of Misfit Toys. We are all exceptional in our own ways."
Bonnie Durkee

Introductory Profile: About Bonnie Durkee

Bonnie Durkee is a 59 year-old veteran, amputee, formerly homeless, visually-impaired, independent woman. She is in a wheelchair because her right leg is amputated above her right knee. Bonnie loves to tell stories, and she can recall details from when she was a child. She lives by herself in a mobile home in Community First Village. The Village was built for the homeless community in Austin. I met Bonnie in a unique way. My mom is friends with the development director of Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Donna Emery. I reached out to her and she told me about Bonnie. Mrs. Emery is best friends with Bonnie and she helped me set up the meeting.

I talked with Bonnie about social injustices she has faced throughout her life. She shared what it was like living on the streets, what it was like being in the US Army, and the details of her family. The interview was serious, with some light-hearted moments. We talked about the rough times in her life and how she got through them. Bonnie is a loving person with many life insights to share. I am glad that I got to meet and share her story.