Mannuel Bruner

As interviewed by Martin D., March 14, 2018
"They may have lost everything but they were happy that they were still together and still alive. "
Mannuel Bruner

Introductory Profile: Introductory Profile: About Manuel Bruner

I interviewed Manuel Brunner or Manny. He is my neighbor and I have known him for at least two years now and I knew a little about how he was involved with hurricane Katrina. So when we had this project and one of the things was natural disaster and I decided to interview him because a hurricane is pretty interesting and can tell a lot about social justice.

Manuel is a tall man in his mid 30ís who doesnít have to much hair. He is slim and fit, almost like a fitness trainer. When interviewing Manny we mostly talked about hurricane Katrina and how he has been a first- responder his whole life. It was a very serious topic but it felt very casual and calm. I learned a lot of very interesting information from this interview.