Martha Cotera

As Interviewed By Samantha Cotera, 3/1/2018
"I learned ... that once you get put in a bottom group, itís very hard to catch up."
Martha Cotera

Introductory Profile: About Martha Cotera

I interviewed Martha P Cotera, my great aunt and social justice warrior. She was born in mexico, but spent most of her childhood in El Paso Texas. She worked as a research librarian for UT austin, and has written books on her experience in the Chicana feminist movement and role in Austinís development.

I made this interview in her living room, I had been there many times before, so the entire thing felt natural and like a conversation. She always talked about her life at the brunches and parties she had at her house for my family and I, so I had actually already heard a lot of what she said. But I like to think I can see them in a new light now.