Phyllis Wald

As Interviewed by Gus Abramowitz, March 14, 2018
"When Hitler allowed the refugees to go back to wherever they wanted to go, wherever home was, if it was available, my family went to the DP camps. The American government created housing for refugees, so we lived in military barracks on a military base for five years in Germany."
Phyllis Wald

Introductory Profile: About Phyllis Wald

Phyllis Wald Abramowitz is my amazing grandmother, or as I say, "Bubbi." Phyllis was born in a displaced persons camp in Russia after her family had fled Poland when the Nazis invaded. Phyllis grew up on the displaced persons camp until the war ended and her family had left. When Phyllis was growing up she had no idea of the war going on outside the camp. Phyllis is very open and exited to talk about her experiences in history with anyone interested. She is very nice, caring, and willing to help when given the chance.

In the interview I covered her families experiences before she was born, where and when she was born, generally everything about the camp, what she was aware of at the time, her feelings, social life, and her experiences after the war. The interview was over the phone and I recorded with a phone recording app. The interview felt very calm and informative about her experiences. I feel like I got great amount of information out of it and I can truly understand the point of view of a kid in World War II stuck in a camp.