Tina Zhang

As Interviewed by Michelle Lu, March 11, 2018
"I like to stay here, and there are a lot of opportunities in here, and I just feel Iím happy to live in US."
Tina Zhang

Introductory Profile: About Tina Zhang

Tina Zhang is an average Chinese lady with long black hair. She is a kind woman that looks out for her family. She has a hobby of gardening. She immigrated from China to the USA for school purposes about 20 years ago. After staying in the USA for a few years, she decided that she liked it there and wanted to acquire a US Citizenship. She succeeded in getting a citizenship and settled in. Later on she got married and had three kids. One boy, and two girls, one of the girls being me.

We covered the topic of immigration in this interview. We went over her reasons for immigrating, her troubles with immigration, how it felt to immigrate, and how she felt about her new country. The overall tone of the interview was light and happy, since the interview didnít go over anything too deep or bad.