As Interviewed by AJ Y., March 18, 2017
"In America that if you really want to do something, you can do it. You have the opportunity, if you work hard, you will achieve what you want. And that is a fact. "

Introductory Profile: About N.S.

My interviewee was Nina S. She was my mother's old coworker back in 2002 and had worked with my mom for many years. She eventually became very close friends with my mother. It was almost impossible not to know her since she arrived for my birth and was there for my siblings’ births. In our family, she is like a second aunt.

Nina is a now retired finance and law firm worker. She raised two daughters who have gone to the University of Texas and has accomplished many things. She is a calm and simple woman, moving to America with her husband to seek a different life. She didn't move to America because it was better, but simply because she wanted to try new things, like becoming a lawyer and traveling.

Nina is a very kind-hearted person, determined and funny. My interview covered many topics, starting from immigration to America. My interview also included early life. The interview was fairly calm, which was built on the long stories of my interviewee and her husband.

My interview with Nina was amazing and enticing as I learned how immigration can be simple but can be complex, also on how America is the place that breeds success.