Bob Schdmit

As Interviewed by Eli Betton, March 18, 2018
"ĎThis is the weirdest and saddest part. My dad said, 'We talked to the minister, and he said it was because I wasn't a very good dad to you and I wasn't there enough when you were young and Iím sorry.í "
Bob Schdmit

Introductory Profile: About Bob Schdmit

I interviewed Bob Schmidt, I met him through my parents at a family gathering. He is very nice and has a fun and outgoing personality. Bob is a lawyer currently and went to UT for law school after he went to college in Oklahoma. He lives in Austin and was born in Enid, Oklahoma. (Enid is a very conservative place by the way, so this affects his story.)

The interview was about his view on gay rights. Specifically his hometown view vs. Austinís view on gay rights. It was also about coming out to his family and friends. It was a very interesting interview with a very deep and introspective mood. It was sad at times but also had good laughs. It was very meaningful to see gay rights from a gay manís point of view. The interview was very interesting and I hope you enjoy the small segment as much as I did.