Ruth Herring

As Interviewed by Caroline Cullinane, March 18, 2018
"... when the 60s came, the women looked around, their kids were gone, they had no professions, and they said ‘Whoops! What’s happening here?’ So, in that time, they had to have a whole new women’s movement, and that just changed the attitude of the country, the women protesting, that they’ve got a job and they weren’t paid as much is the men, and they weren’t treated with respect ..."
Ruth Herring

Introductory Profile: About Ruth Herring

I interviewed my great grandma, Ruth Herring, who was born in 1928 in Graceville, Minnesota. She is currently living in Moorhead, Minnesota with her husband, Earl, of 67 years. She is 90 years old, and has always been a role model to me. Ruth has short brown/grey hair, twinkling eyes, a kind smile, and is about 5’5”. She is very sharp, funny, witty, and has a clever sense of humor.

The topics that were covered fell into the category of women’s rights and women in politics. The whole interview covered her accomplishments and some of the things she did to better her community, town, church, etc. She told me about how she brought equal opportunities to girls in sports, her time in the League of Women Voters, and how she brought kindergarten to her town. She was a strong female role model and leader in her community.

The overall tone of the interview was relaxed and very interesting on my part, and although the interview was done over the phone, (because she is a 90 year old woman who lives far away), it was good quality and her topics were very easy to follow and listen to. I enjoyed doing this interview with her, and want to learn more on this subject, and I think that in the hour we talked, I learned valuable information and got good content for the interview.