Patricia Macy

As Interviewed by Catherine Bircher, March 18, 2018
"I think so because if you only know people living in poverty as “them,” or the other, or someone who's on the street, or someone who’s begging, or someone like that, and you never have a conversation with them and find out, they’re just like me."
Patricia Macy

Introductory Profile: About Patricia Macy

I interview Pat Macy who is the head of the Social Justice Ministries at St. Austin Catholic Church. I know her because I go to St. Austin. We met in her office near the church. I let Ms. Macy chose the topic, and she chose poverty. My interview was about 41 minutes, which surprised me because I only had 18 questions.

She talked a lot about what she does in the SJMs. The only problems with the interview were that she was losing her voice and a bird flew into the window. Otherwise, the interview went really well and there was a lot that I didn’t know about what my church did for the impoverished.