Sarah Fontenot

As Interviewed by Amelia Taylor, March 19, 2018
"And thatís a good example of how crazy people are about this law. "
Sarah Fontenot

Introductory Profile: About Sarah Fontenot

My intervieweeís name is Sarah Fontenot. She's my momís cousinís wife. She is sixty-three years old. She has a happy personality and is a very joyful person to be around. She is a nurse, lawyer, and a public speaker. She was born in Boston and started as a nurse. She got her college degree from the University of Vermont. After being a nurse for a couple of years she went to law school at the University of Connecticut. Now she travels around the country and talks and teaches doctors, hospital administrators, and people who are in health care how to protect their patient rights.

The topics that were covered at the interview were about her jobs, how they relate to social justice, and her community involvement related to public speaking. Overall, she was a very good storyteller, and her words came to life as images in my mind.