Fredrick L. Frey

As Interviewed by Ben M., March 8, 2018
"The take away from all that is the bottom line, for just about everyone we talked to was, 'is there a particular country in the world that you feel closest to?' and they said they all said 'yes, the United states.'"
Fredrick L. Frey

Introductory Profile: About Fredrick L. Frey

My grandfather, Frederick L. Frey, fought in the Vietnam War when he had just graduated college. He is now much older that that and lives in a small town called Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has 4 grandkids and loves to spend time with them. He also lives with his wife Jen and loves to play racquetball at the YMCA.

When he fought in the Vietnam War he was an engineer and second in command. He had taken an engineering class in college and went to Vietnam working on new mechanisms that would give the Americans an advantage in the war. These included things like hardening soil and making structures that could be built quickly in battle.