Hamilton Dawes

As Interviewed by Georgia Eckel, February 14, 2019
"Everyone has a voice. Your voice in this country needs to be heard."
Hamilton Dawes

Introductory Profile: About Hamilton Dawes

Hamilton Dawes is my Grandfather. I know him through my mother. When I was first assigned this project, I thought of him, knowing he had fought in the Vietnam war. As a child his father was in the war, and when he was of age, he was drafted.

In this interview he talked about his experiences in the Vietnam war. He talked what it was like in the military and the protests during the war, such as the Kent state protest. He had gone back to school after his time in the Military. He went to school at Kent state University, where one day there, he heard about a protest happening. He went to see it himself, and saw students were rioting and had burned an American Flag. He saw four kids get shot by a national guard. He also learned not to trust everything the government says. He believes we have the right to protest but, not in a way that harms others or destroys property. It’s very interesting to hear what he has to say.

Hamilton Dawes is a hard working, loving man. He is a respectful, proud christian. For the interview, we spoke over the phone. Though we talked about very serious topics, the interview went well. We were comfortable and I enjoyed hearing about his experiences.