Fernando H.

As Interviewed by Alondra A., March 20,2019
"Este pais se creo de inmigrantes."
Fernando H.

Introductory Profile: About Fernando H.

Fernando Hernandez is an immigrant that decided to come here to the United States from his country Guatemala 13 years ago. When he came to the United States he started going to english classes. At that time my mom, and my aunt were also going to english classes. Fernando was in the same class as them and that's when my family met him. My family started inviting him to partys and soon he became a really close family friend. Fernando left his daughter who was 2 years old and immigrated to the United States to give his daughter a better life. One of his biggest reasons he came was to give his daughter a better life. Currently she turned 15 year old, and had a quinceanera but he couldn't go. Fernando is a very funny person, but he is also is a caring person. He cares a lot for his daughter and would do anything for her. My topic for my podcast was on how immigrants experience social injustice so I decided to interview him.

At first the interview was a little rusty, but after a little while Fernando got more comfortable and the interview went well. During the interview we covered a lot of topics. The main topics that we covered were, how people treated him, his biggest obstacle coming to the United States, why he came to the United States, and his thoughts on either staying here in the United States or leaving, and why. Over all the interview was great and Fernando was a great person to interview.