Corinne Sumpter

As Interviewed by Franny Thompson, March 21, 2019
"They decided to step in and make decisions for women like 'you must leave your husband, boyfriend, whatever.'"
Corinne Sumpter

Introductory Profile: Introduction

I interviewed Corinne Sumpter about her experience as a lawyer and firm owner for accused juveniles. She is my sister’s friend’s mom and a very kind woman with a very motherly presence as she has four children. When brainstorming people to interview, she easily came to mind as someone with a diverse range of experiences. Ms. Sumpter got her undergraduate degree at UCLA, with a double major in English and Women's Studies. Then she took a break and interned at a firm involved with Denny’s Restaurant being sued for racial discrimination. After this, she went to law school at Stanford and Georgetown University. Next, she worked in juvenile justice, worked with women's rights then ultimately went to own her own firm.

Although I said Ms. Sumpter works in juvenile justice, previously in career, she had worked at a firm representing women who had experienced rape or domestic violence. And, because of her involvement, we were able to have many good conversations about this time in her career. Although our interview came off to a rocky start, as she received a phone call from her daughter right before we started, the interview then went smoothly and I found it very easy to converse with Ms. Sumpter about an interesting topic.