Sarah Weddington

As Interviewed by Augie Stromberger, March 13 & 27, 2011
"TIME magazine, in 2003, named the 80 people who had changed the world. Of those, 10 were women. I was one, Rosa Parks was one—if you think about what she did, she refused to give up her seat on the bus. So, there are a lot of things you wouldn’t think of as being a real asset to social justice—hers was right time, right place, her age, the awareness that already been established of some of the problems."
Sarah Weddington

Introductory Profile: About Sarah Weddington

Interviewing Sarah Weddington was a great learning experience for me. She is a leader in the full sense of the word, and she demonstrates how someone can work through prejudice and become an advocate for social justice. She has more experience than you could ever guess. She gave me a full tour of her office, and I was amazed at all of her artifacts and pictures. I was very lucky to interview her (twice). Instead of using her fame to become a rich celebrity, she kept on doing social justice work and donated to causes in need. She chose morality over greed, and has done some amazing things most kids don't know about.

I was probing into her opinions and experiences and learning about what made her become the activist she is today. I found out that one of the reasons she entered law school was that the dean of her college had said that because his son had failed out, it was obviously too difficult for her. She has definitely proven him wrong. Her father was a reverend, so she had a religious upbringing. She learned that everyone is an individual who deserves to make choices for him/herself. She is 66 years old now, but has an aura of vitality that makes you try and keep up while she's talking. Her voice is clear and she has near-perfect grammar.

The two interviews I had with Sarah both went smoothly, although the second had better questions than the first.