Mary Ann M.

As Interviewed by J.W., March 19, 2011
"Side by side, they [whites and blacks] integrated for the freedom of our country…"
Mary Ann M.

Introductory Profile: About Mary Ann M.

Mary Ann M. was born in Buffalo, New York in 1940. She is anti-racist and believes that all people were created equal. She is Christian and is very religious. She is also a semi-feminist.

Mary Ann M. is a very sweet person. She is the mother of three and the grandmother of seven. She helps support their moral and religious upbringing.

Mary Ann M. is sixty years old, and she has auburn hair and light blue eyes. She married a Korean War veteran and she is retired. They live together happily in New York. Her grandchildren live in Texas, Colorado and New York.

Mary Ann M. is very polite and calm. She is a respectful person. and she dislikes disorganization, loud noise and just chaos in general. She is a very organized and clean person.

I have never heard her curse or say something hurtful. She is kind and very patient. She is just very nice and hopes for a better world (don’t we all?) without racism. I hope you like the interview with Mary Ann, a sweet loving grandmother.