Nayeli Aviles

As Interviewed by Andrew Anderson, March 27, 2019
"Well some, some people are fair. Some people will say ... 'Oh, I'll pay her less ... ' But it's all kinds of people, fair and unfair."
Nayeli Aviles

Introductory Profile: About Nayeli Aviles

I've known Nayeli for pretty much all of my life. Nayeli was my babysitter since before I could even remember. When I heard about this assignment, I knew right away that I wanted to interview her. She immigrated to the united states from Mexico when she was young and has been living in Texas since. She helped raise me and my sister, and she is one of the most driven and kindest people I know.

The interview was at my house, and it was the morning and it was very nice. She wanted to share her experiences. Although the interview might seem sad, she is very happy and loves her experience is Austin. In the interview, Nayeli talks about her life, and the unfairness she faces in everyday life.