Diana Stanfield

As Interviewed by Carlisle Sloan, March 24, 2019
"Teaching the little ones for me is my joy and my life. It's just, i don't know it suits your soul. It's what you're meant to do. Its like and artist. You just gotta do it."
Diana Stanfield

Introductory Profile: About Diana Stanfield

Ms. Stanfield works as a kindergarten teacher at Lee Elementary. Seven years ago I was
her student. She taught me songs about how to spell all the colors and how to use scissors. Ms. Stanfield has been teaching at Lee Elementary for 32 years and is one of the school's best-loved teachers. She is a very loving and compassionate teacher who really cares for her students and wants to see all of them grow academically.

Ms. Stanfield is from San Antonio Texas and is a single mom of three college-age children. She has curly brown hair, is funny and kind, and loves to sing in her church choir.

We met at La Madeleine which is right next to the T.J. Max where she works to earn
extra money. I interviewed her about the challenges of surviving in Austin on a teacher salary. At the beginning of the interview thing where a little tense, but as we eased into it, it became a little more relaxed. Throughout the interview I came to view how hard things are for teachers in Austin at public school. It gave me respect for her dedication to the job and it made me want to see changes in the salary and benefits for teachers.