Edward Wells

As Interviewed as O.W., April 7, 2019
"I played sports almost all the way through high school but you know we played together on a team and as a team race didn't matter..."
Edward Wells

Introductory Profile: About Edward Wells

Edward Wells is my dad. He grew up in a declining town in north Texas called Mineral Wells. He spent all of his younger years there until he went to college in UT where he got his bachelor's degree. He played many sports when he was younger including soccer and football. Although he doesn't play sports anymore, he still goes on runs very frequently. He was in some after school clubs including NJHS.

Now he works for a drug company called CEDRA. He is kind, a loving husband and father of two and hard worker. He loves fishing and getting out of the city.During this interview he reflects upon his middle and high school years growing up in a town that lost its glory days. He also spoke about how the people of Mineral Wells are trying to bring their town back to the glory days. He speaks of how the town was split up into sections composing of Snob Hill (richer white folks) and the south western side with a name he couldn’t recall (poorer African American folks). But he grew up on a larger property outside of town. He also brings up how his parents and grandparents influenced him.