Maria Alarcon

As Interviewed by Joanna S., March 22, 2019
"Well, I've seen in my past schools that the people who have more money or the people who look better are the ones who get treated with respect."
Maria Alarcon

Introductory Profile: About Maria Alarcon

My interviewee’s name is Maria Alarcon. Maria Alarcon is my mother. She was born in Mexico. She only went to school until the tenth grade. She didn’t finish High school because she had an accident. Her education was very poor due to not having money to afford supplies and books, living far from the schools, moving schools, adjusting to the new schools, and how she and other people were treated because of classism. Maria is a passionate, hardworking, and lovable mother of 4 children. She says that her responsibility is to give her children a better complete education that she didn’t get.

This interview is about classism in education. How Maria didn’t have a good education because of the economic discrimination in the schools she attended across the state of Mexico. Her and many other people didn’t have equal rights because of their social class and being poor than people in a higher class. How classism affects students education life. The tone of the first few questions of the interview was formal, like question and answer. Later on during the interview, it started to become more of a conversation.

To sum it up, classism in education is not having equal rights as others in higher social classes. This has happened to many people and in this interview, Maria Alarcon shares her experiences with this matter.