Anahita Jalilvand

As Interviewed By Saffron Liu, March 22, 2019
"I think now, because there’s more women entering into this medical field, a lot of women are now having to deal with things like the fact that . . .they’re treated differently."
Anahita Jalilvand

Introductory Profile: About Anahita Jalilvand

For this project, I interviewed Anahita Jalilvand, a surgeon. I was introduced to her by Ms. Hart, my English teacher. Anahita is very sweet and was a pleasure to talk to. She was born in Montreal, studied at Loyola University in Chicago, and is now doing a residency in general surgery at Ohio State University.

While most of our conversation was fairly light and about her profession, we did discuss some of the biases women face in the medical field. This was the portion I included in the podcast. According to Anahita, it is sometimes harder for women to get equal pay, promotions, and recognition.