Jim Li

As Interviewed Tracy Li, March 22, 2019
"Instead of going out and eating, we would have to go outside and pick leaves to eat."
Jim Li

Introductory Profile: About Jim Li

My father(Jim Li) was about eight at this time, and he was tasked to take care of his little brother, and the house. During this time period, my father had to work on the fields ever since he was a child. Through the development of China, my father’s family suffered from sickness, lack of education, and poor living conditions. Because of the poor economy, my father and his family had to work and receive very little payment, therefore making his family very poor. During the “rural”era, my father had to walk miles to arrive to school.
During the 1970s, there were many villages that housed financially struggling citizens, which my father and his family lived upon. During these hard times, he had to help his family with tasks one his age shouldn’t be doing. He was a hardworking child, helping his family pull through such hard times. He was striven to help his family survive, and was determined to see economic development. Even with the poor conditions of the so called Rural Villages, his spirits were high. He has an abundance of knowledge to the topic of Rural Villages in China.