Anuradha Naimpally

As interviewed by Rahi Deo, March 18, 2019
"And so I came home I told my mom, ‘I want to learn how to do that, I want to learn how to dance like that.’"
Anuradha Naimpally

Introductory Profile: About Anuradha Naimpally

Anuradha Naimpally, known as Annu Akka by her loving students, moved many times from India and Canada for family reasons. Annu Akka discovered her passion for Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance. She pursued it to eventually gain mastery and respect from her peers and pupils.

When she discovered her passion, she was given the full support and finance of her parents. She went through the teachings of well renowned masters from India. She uses the old style and the new western style to fuse it into a new dance. She is also an advocate and activist for the Global Goals of the UN.

Interviewing her was an eye opener for me because I got to know the backstory of how she became the teacher I know her to be. She taught me so many lessons about persevering and working hard and it is so refreshing to know that she also learned these lessons when she was my age. I think of her as this great person who is so inspirational, but now I see the person side of her. She constantly teaches me that talent will take you halfway, but hard work takes you there.