Donald Charles Lawson

As Interviewed by Stella Tatum, April 14, 2019
"They would call me and my friends names... I felt alone, and I felt a little scared. "
Donald Charles Lawson

Introductory Profile: DC Lawson

I Interviewed D.C. Lawson, who goes by Butch. Butch is a man that I have grown up knowing. He has been my very loving and caring neighbor ever since I was an infant. I always remember him by his cards that he always delivers on birthdays and special events. He never seems to forget our birthdays, and he and our family have been friends for a very long time. He has a big personality and is humorous and kind. He always is seen biking around our neighborhood. Butch grew up in Indiana and left for Texas after college. He grew up going to church and living close to many family members (cousins, aunts and uncles). His parents had him later in their life. He was born in 1957 and experienced many things since then.

The topic we covered during the interview were the struggles, problems, and injustices he had experienced because of being a homosexual. We talked about injustices he had experienced all throughout his life in school and out of schools. We discussed how he was treated in social situations, and how it felt for him to be closeted and not feel comfortable telling people about his homosexuality which at the time wasn't accepted.