Michele Fenton

As Interviewed By Jack F., April 30, 2019
"Texas ranks forty-third out of fifty states in the funding of our schools. So it's definitely time to make a change."
Michele Fenton

Introductory Profile: Michele H. Fenton

Michele Fenton, my mother, is a tall woman with curly hair. She is a prominent member of our family and is at the center of everything. She loves to cook and spend time with us. She is a stay-at-home mom and has less time now that she has joined the PTA. “It is a full-time volunteer job,” she sometimes remarks. Next year she will be the Historian and help the incoming president.

My interview was about her involvement in activism. She points out a lot of staggering numbers and urges us to write our lawmakers. We need lots of help with this issue. The interview went very smoothly, as I asked one question, and she painted me a picture of her activism.

Robin Hood is a very imminent problem in which our schools are starved of funds. In Austin schools, effects can already be seen. Schools closing, staff leaving, and many other horrifying things.

Education is the PTA’s core principal, and the more they can educate about Robin Hood, the better chance that Austin schools can get.

Thank you, Michele Fenton.