Desmond Bynum

As interviewed by Jay Schlett, March 13, 2019
"When I think about the discrimination that Iíve experienced as an adult more so has been systemic. A lot of even just being younger a lot of the systemic racism and discrimination that Iíve experienced looking back itís overwhelming."
Desmond Bynum

Introductory Profile: About Desmond Bynum

My intervieweeís name is Desmond Bynum. He is my momís coworker.

He is an African American male in his early 40ís. Desmond grew up on the south side of Chicago. He attended Texas Tech University. He is married and is the father of two young girls. He is a senior programmer and systems administrator for a small software company named Network Sciences. He is a man of strong faith and moral convictions.

Desmond is a world-class athlete and qualified for the US Olympic track team. He loves music and sports of all kinds. He plays basketball every day during his breaks at work. He is very tall and lean with an athletic build.

In the interview we talked about racism in general and his thoughts about it, including how racism has affected him, some of his experiences with it, and whether he thinks racism will ever go away.