Angel Werch

As Interviewed by Zev Mellon-Werch, March 18, 2012
"I often got the same answer. They needed everything."
Angel Werch

Introductory Profile: About Angel Werch

This article is about Angel Werch, and his time working with Medical Bridges, a nonprofit organization. In the Interview, Angel talks about how he worked in management, taking requests for medical supplies from hospitals. Angel describes how his medical experience as a physician helped him in his work at Medical Bridges, and how Medical Bridges would ship supplies to third world country hospitals.

Angel Werch, or ‘Zeide’ is nearing 80 years old, though still lively and loves to talk. He grew up in Argentina and speaks fluent Spanish, though is capable in English as well. He is very generous and loves to help those in need, as shown by his career as a physician.
Zeide is the father of two daughters, and lives in Houston with his wife, Anita Werch. He is Jewish, and very religious, going to pray on Saturdays and special occasions. Angel Werch loves opera, wine, and good food. Zeide is also my grandfather.

The interview has a very story-like aspect to it, Zeide has an exotic way of speaking, and is a good story-teller. He talks a lot about the processes of acquiring and delivering supplies at Medical Bridges (not included in the interview, for the sake of time). He talks about how he left Medical Bridges because Medical Bridges started charging money for their deliveries (also not included, oh, that pesky two minute time limit).

Zeide Werch worked with Medical Bridges for 5 years, and didn’t regret any of it. He sounded very happy that he made the world a better place, even in his old age. He knew the difference medical equipment could make, and how little of that there was in poor countries, and he set about changing that.