Olivia M.

As Interviewed by Vijay Veeraraghavan, March 5, 2012
"I think itís important that everyone be treated like a human being, regardless of where you were born or what your financial situation is. Thatís just basic, everyone needs that."
Olivia M.

Introductory Profile: About Olivia M.

I am interviewing Olivia M., a sophomore in college, who has helped the community in various ways including volunteering with Big Sisters of Kingston, Canada, teaching orphans in Ghana, and assisting and observing in Indian hospitals. She works in the biology department at Queens University, Canada. Olivia has been to Ghana two different years and has helped as a mentor and teacher of third grade orphans. They may be in difficult financial situations, but she believes anyone has a right to learn.

Olivia is part of an organization that helps people all over the world. The group is called Projects Abroad, and the main portion of volunteers are young adults and teens, ages 16 to 22. Through her volunteer work with Big Sisters of Kingston, Canada, she spends time with girls who may not get enough attention from their families.

I asked questions about Olivia's experiences in helping those in poverty. She may have been on these trips to help those in need, but her mood was objective and analytical about the topic. Olivia had a professional attitude when explaining her trips, and was not overly emotional during the interview.

The interviewee was a good choice because she clearly explained things in a factual way without being too emotional. The angle towards poverty around the world shows the issues people in the world are facing all the time.