Timothy Bertotti

As Interviewed by Edison B., March 31, 2012
"Overall, it (USAID) has been extremely successful, and has potentially staved off wars in many countries."
Timothy Bertotti

Introductory Profile: About Timothy Bertotti

I interviewed Timothy Bertotti to see how USAID and the Peace Corp help other countries and how they work. Important events described in the interview include how Mr. Bertotti joined USAID, and his first mission for USAID.

He has blue eyes and grey hair, and is in good shape. He is in his mid 70’s. He is slightly taller than average. He is nice and very helpful. His whole lifetime career has been completely devoted to social justice.

The interview’s tone is informative. Mr. Bertotti was reflective and passionate while being interviewed. I got the sense that he could tell me about social justice for hours on end, which he kind of did during the interview.

My interview showed me how USAID and Peace Corp. began, and how they had to do with social justice. I learned how USAID and Peace Corp. started, and how it all worked. I learned how Peace Corp. didn’t accept staff for more than 2 years, and how USAID got many people from Peace Corp. staff.